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“There are those who like to write; who must write. Then there are those who like to edit; who must edit. And together great stories can be told. That is what my experience working with Karen Newman of Newmanuscripts has proven to me. “Her professionalism, attention to detail, and supportive nature all work seamlessly to diminish the pain of the ‘much dreaded’ editing phase faced by every author. “I really liked my manuscript before I submitted it to Karen, but I loved it after her red ink hit the pages. Without question, I would highly recommend Karen to writers of all genres.”

Tina Ellerby, Now Heal This, assorted children’s poetry and chapter books

Newmanuscripts editing, proofreading for authors, writers, manuscriptsKaren is the best editor I have used. She does a great job formatting an article and book chapters. She picks up all those hard-to-find words that are incorrect but not noticed by spell check programs. She knows immediately when my sentence doesn’t make sense. And best of all, she’s great to work with!”

Madelaine Lawrence, The Death View Revolution: A Guide to Transpersonal Experiences Surrounding Death

Newmanuscripts editing, proofreading for authors, writers, manuscripts“When it comes to paying exceptional attention to detail, Karen does it. She puts the same effort into every piece I send her, whether it is a weekly blog post, brand new story, or something we have been working on over a long period of time. She always makes time for me whenever I need it, and has the natural instincts to know how to push me to make my work better.”

Mark Steinwachs, The Night (soon to be released), assorted short stories, and weekly blogs

Newmanuscripts editing, proofreading for authors, writers, manuscriptsNewmanuscripts improved my work tremendously by taking it to the next level of professionalism. They provided editorial recommendations for several of my short stories, finding typos, punctuation and technical writing issues that would have generated numerous red flags for any editor or agent I would have submitted the pieces to. There are numerous factors that writers must consider in their writing: voice, points of view, plot, story, depth of characters, marketability, pacing… the list goes on and on. But there is no excuse for blatant errors. Before you send any writing to an agent or publisher (and especially if you are self-publishing), you need a professional to edit, preview, and eliminate these mistakes. With 25 years of marketing and Internet management expertise, as well as numerous years as a magazine and short story author, I heartily recommend Newmanuscripts as your first stop toward more professional submissions.”

Paul Metheney, President/Senior Consultant, Metheney Consulting, Inc.

editor, manuscript, Newmanuscript, authors, writing, writers, proofreadingIf you are interested in Newmanuscripts looking at your work for possible editing or proofreading, please submit a sample of your work and we will confidentially review it. Or just call us if you have any questions at