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Sample Editing

Let’s go for a test drive! Before accepting any client, any manuscript, I have found it invaluable to the prospective client and myself to make sure we are compatible and both of our efforts will reap the highest reward. This is easily achieved by you submitting a sample piece that will allow you to assess whether the service I provide is what you are looking for, and it allows me the opportunity to address big picture issues and even the dreaded possibility that your manuscript isn’t quite as ready for the edit process as originally thought.

The sample piece should be the first six to eight pages (1,500 to 2,000 words) of your project and for a nominal test ride fee, I will do a thorough copyedit/line edit which will give us an idea of how our ride might go.

All submissions must be in standard manuscript format (download submission guidelines/template here SUBMISSION GUIDELINES-FIRSTPAGETEMPLATE):

  • Times New Roman, 12-point
  • Double-spaced, left-justified, one space after periods
  • Paragraphs indented using Word formatting tools
  • Header (last name/title/page number)

ProofreadingCopy/Line Editing

editor, manuscript, Newmanuscript, authors, writing, writers, proofreadingIf you are interested in Newmanuscripts looking at your work for possible editing or proofreading, please submit a sample of your work and we will confidentially review it. Or just call us if you have any questions at