Bragging Writes: Author Mark Steinwachs

2016_June_ezine_cover_medCongratulations to author, Mark Steinwachs, for having his flash fiction piece, “Suffering,” chosen by The Sirens Call for their August e-zine titled Terrifying Tales. Check it out (free!) on page 52.

When I first started working with Mark, I was pulled into a world of zombies as he poured out short story after short story, all resulting in his compilation, “The Night,” that Sirens Call Publications picked up in June. This year, Mark took his storytelling down into the deep recesses of the human mind, touching on pain, fear, and suffering.

Working with Mark over the years has been a wonderful adventure through magical lands where you can sip blintzberry tea while meeting unicorns and talking animals, to a world overtaken by zombies, to the dark emotions that we all would prefer to leave dormant.

One just never knows where a good writer is going to take us, the readers…and isn’t that the whole point?

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