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About the Editor

Karen Newman, born and raised on Long Island, New York, currently calls Amelia Island, Florida her home.

For many years (vague, yes), Karen has worked as a scopist (industry term for a proofreader on steroids), with court reporters throughout the United States in the preparation of their legal transcripts. Decades (slightly less vague) of punctuating, formatting, and verifying data, caused a yearning for creativity not afforded her by the confines of verbatim wordsmithing. Spurred by this desire, Karen began to expand her client base to include those who call themselves writers. Red pen in hand, she dons the hat of copy editor and chisels her way into the minds of her writers (represented by all genres), to assist them in telling their stories.

When not working in the safe haven of legal transcript preparation (with rules and guidelines protecting her), or conversely forging into unknown worlds of fiction (wielding her crimson-hued quill while slaying words), Karen can be found spending time with friends, sharing stories, and dreaming up a conundrum or two.

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