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Editing. Proofreading. Perfection.

Newmanuscripts is the natural extension of my professional editing and proofreading background. For over three decades, I have been a proofreader/editor working with court reporters nationwide in the preparation of their deposition, hearing, and trial transcripts.  My love of reading, passion for words, and diverse experience inspired me to expand my career into the world of editing and proofreading fiction and non-fiction manuscripts for a wide variety of authors.

My client base has grown over the years and now includes a diverse cast of authors who represent many different genres, from children’s poetry to technical manuals (throw in a dash of zombies and a sprinkle of the supernatural). Short stories, novellas, novels, weekly industry-related blogs are just a few of the projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on.

What can Newmanuscripts do for you? Take a look at my services, and if you like what you see, then contact me and we can cover specifics in much greater detail. After that, we’ll go for a test ride to make certain that we’re both ready to take your manuscript to the next level.

Call me today at to see if I can help you make your manuscript more magical.

editor, manuscript, Newmanuscript, authors, writing, writers, proofreadingIf you are interested in Newmanuscripts looking at your work for possible editing or proofreading, please submit a sample of your work and we will confidentially review it. Or just call us if you have any questions at